It’s Time to “Trade in” BYOD and COPE for More Secure and Economical Device Lifecycle Management

Stop compromising your company’s defenses.

The Apto FLEX program cures the logistical headaches of mobile device lifecycle management and provides a robust security methodology that ensures network integrity and keeps you well within compliance standards. We grant you the freedom to choose both the more secure and economical solution through our all-inclusive, flexible contracts that rid you of the compromises you made with BYOD and COPE.

If You’re Looking for Corporate Security, BYOD Isn’t the Answer Anymore

When it was first adopted, “Bring Your Own Device” seemed like the perfect solution. While employees were granted unfettered device customization, employers saved considerable money and logistical hassle by not having to supply the devices in the first place. However, corporations have started to realize that BYOD has its downsides:

  • Privacy concerns
  • Limited content control
  • Inability to remote wipe devices upon employee termination or separation
  • Data security and compliance liability due to a lack of employee accountability
  • Helpdesk strain from supporting a broad range of unregulated devices

COPE Isn’t the Answer Either

Businesses began reverting back to the “corporately-owned, personally-enabled” (COPE) methodology because it grants employers more control over what tech their workforce uses—enabling them to implement limitations and accountability measures for network and data access as well. However, COPE maintains its own disadvantages, including:

  • High capital costs
  • Undefined mobility strategies and governance
  • Unclear ROI and tracking
  • Logistical strain from in-house:
    • Device lifecycle management
    • Setup and configuration
    • Staging, testing, and deployment
    • Repair and disposition

And Don’t Forget…

With COPE, you also deal with carrier limitations, like rigid, two-year contracts with ETFs and no flexibility to pick and choose a more economical mix of new and CPO (certified pre-owned) devices. You also often do not have the option to repair and redeploy COPE devices back into the workforce. Not only that, most mobility plans come with messy and time-consuming depreciation calculations. And, if you do find leasing, it is based off of a generalized risk pool—not your company's history.

Quit choosing between two unhealthy choices. There is a better option for your company.

Reestablish Control, Security, and Logistical Sanity with Apto FLEX

From procurement and imaging, to repair and disposition, Apto Solutions FLEX program will help to save you time, money, and IT resources through our comprehensive mobile device lifecycle management offerings. With just one contract, you will be able to rid yourself of the insecurities of BYOD and the logistical complexities of COPE.

Apto FLEX alleviates the logistical strain from all aspects of the IT lifecycle management process. We provide customizable procurement, kit bundles, custom imaging, setup, and configuration—whether your company needs a mass overhaul or periodic new-employee rollouts. We provide it all—from smartphones, to tablets; laptops, to mobile hotspots (to name a few)—we’ll get you the best deal on both new and CPO stock. Before any devices arrive at your work site, you can rest assured that each piece of equipment has been rigorously tested and accurately imaged for immediate employee use upon arrival.

In addition to peace of mind and management relief, you will also benefit from FLEX’s intrinsic:

  • Flexible lease terms (12, 18, 24 month plans)
  • Device extended-warranty and insurance
  • Certified data protection
  • Freedom to choose any mobile carrier and service plan
  • Reverse logistics
  • Automated payment management
  • Higher trade-in values

Additionally, Apto FLEX contracts come with 24/7/365 personal tech support.

When a device breaks, your employee will no longer be at the mercy of unhurried repair programs like iFixit or AppleCare (which can leave your employee without a functioning device for up to 7-10 days). Rather, Apto FLEX will have an exchangeable, replacement device, pre-imaged, and ready to deploy straight to your employee to get them back up to speed quickly.

Any repairable devices will be securely refurbished by our IT support staff and will added back to your company’s pool of backup devices, to save you money and to cut down on e-waste production. Apto Solutions is also zero-landfill and zero-incineration, so when your devices do reach EOL, we provide fully-audited R2, eStewards, and ISO-level disposition and recycling services. Our data sanitization protocols ensure the security of your corporate data.

Why Settle for Downsides When You Can Pick and Choose the Benefits?

Apto FLEX allows your employees the customization of BYOD and grant you the security and control of COPE—without the security vulnerabilities, the logistical headaches, or the price tag of traditional OEMs. It’s time to revolutionize the way you manage employee devices—by letting us manage it for you.

The right technology at the right time and with the right financial model.

It’s past time that you took control of your employee device management processes. Schedule an evaluation to regain logistical efficiency, security, and financial sustainability.