Four Key Factors to Support your Sustainability Plan

A best-in-class IT Asset Management and Disposition program should take a comprehensive approach,  from what you buy to how you dispose. This guide will help you ensure your program includes four key characteristics.


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What's in the e-Book?

We've put together this essential booklet as a guide to showing how IT Asset Disposition can support your sustainability plan.
Find out what kind of equipment to consider to reduce your environmental impact. Learn how you can potentially save in corporate spending.
What's the #1 factor when looking for a recycling partner. Learn how you can show progress with your sustainability goals.






What you'll get:
• What equipment can offer reduced environmental impact.
• Find out how much you can save in corporate spending by simply applying Step 2.
• What's the #1 thing you should look for in a recycling partner.
• Learn how you can show progress towards your sustainability goals with Step 4.