Adapting to the 'new normal' with a new IT refresh strategy.

Learn how a leading financial services firm adapted a new strategy to support a growing remote work force with Apto's Mail-in Box Program. 


Optimize how you manage enterprise
IT equipment returns.

Effortless Hardware Refreshes for Remote Employees

During the Covid pandemic, our clients needed an efficient way for remote employees to refresh IT equipment. The development of Apto’s Mail-in-Box Program provided a way for remote workers to return used IT equipment to Apto safely and securely with minimal impact to regular business operations.


With Apto’s partnership with UPS, returning a computer or mobile device is as easy as an Amazon return and as simple as one, two, three... 


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Since 2001, we’ve been innovating the ITAD industry. Lately, we’ve been pushing the boundaries to help you achieve your enterprise sustainability goals. We call it Circular Transformation.

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  • Promoting reuse while helping recoup your technology investment
  • Certifications to defend against risks in the IT asset lifecycle
  • Transparency with End-to-End Chain of Custody reporting