Sustainability Digest: May 2019

Historic Agreement on Plastic Pollution Reached by 180+ Countries Without the U.S. 
Courtesy of EcoWatch

The agreement requires countries to monitor the movement of plastic shipped outside their territories. It also addresses the problem of developed countries sending unmanageable amounts of plastic waste to private waste-handling companies in the developing world without the consent of their governments.

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Implementing Sustainable and Ethical ITAD Practices to Preserve Global Ecosystems
Courtesy of Data Center Dynamics


There are ITAD strategies that can ensure that every cloud migration process occurs as safely and ethically as possible, and it begins by allying with an industry professional that specializes in compliant asset retirement. 

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Rethinking Digital Service Design Could Reduce Their Environmental Impact
Courtesy of ENN


Digital technology companies could reduce the carbon footprint of services like YouTube by changing how they are designed, experts say.

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AptoPulse Explainer Video
Courtesy of Apto Solutions


Track every step of your IT asset disposal process! AptoPulse, our client portal platform, provides real-time access into the entire disposition process of your assets from receipt to reselling, recycling or redeployment.

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