Case Study: Field Services for Cloud Migration

In ITAD, all you need is a partner with the right asset disposition knowledge who can manage your unique project needs. 

This case study examines how our team supported the migration and recycling of 10k hard drives in just four days!


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What's in the Case Study?

Our team supported a successful cloud migration along with the decommission, sanitization, repurposing,
and recycling of 10,000 hard drives in record time – In Four Days!

How many hard drives
were securely sanitized
and destroyed

And how quickly was it done. Read the case study to learn more.

How much value was
returned to the client

In addition to repurposing half of the equipment, we also recovered a good amount in hidden value for our client. 

Record time
break-down and sanitization

Our team performed a secure, on-site data erasure process. Delivering success in record time.


What You'll Get:
Download this case study to learn more about our field services, specific to a cloud migration company, but also how we can help your business with a similar task.