The End of Take, Make, and Dispose

Reuse. Repair. Refurbish. Remanufacture. Recycle.

Circular Transformation™ applies to reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, and recycle-thinking to create a closed-loop system.

Circular Transformation™ minimizes the use of resource inputs, the creation of waste and pollution, and carbon emissions. This closed-loop system is designed to keep products and equipment in use for longer, which increases the lifespan of resources.

Circular Transformation

Recovering the High Cost of IT Waste

Recovering the High Cost of IT Waste

Circular Transformation™ prevents harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, beryllium, and more from going back into the Earth.

The peace of mind offered from data security, sourcing virgin minerals & materials, and reducing greenhouse gases is paramount in all business operations.

Why should reuse of hardware be your first option?

Why should reuse of hardware be your first option

Less expensive, less energy consumed, less pollution, and more environmentally responsible

In 2019, Apto sold over 100,000 laptops for reuse, saving…

8.6M gallons of water

8.6M gallons
of water

13K lbs of toxic metals

13K lbs
of toxic metals

3.6M lbs of GHG emissions

3.6M lbs
of GHG emissions

For every 1000 laptops reused, you save 86,000 gallons of water,
130 lbs of toxic metals, and 36,000 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn How Your Business Can Benefit From Circular Transformation

Learn How Your Business Can Benefit From Circular Transformation™

  • Build Brand Reputation
  • Lower Costs
  • Reach New Customers
  • Engage and Retain Existing Customers
  • Offer New Paths to Growth
  • Disrupt Marketing Through Innovation
  • Secure Supply Chain Continuity
  • Meet Your Sustainability Targets and Commitments
Tracking & Tracing Circularity

Tracking & Tracing Circularity

Through transparent downstream traceability, Apto Solutions offers a complete E-Waste supply chain reporting system that confirms a sound Circular Transformation Process.

Our Closed Loop reporting system details material endpoints and reuse data to validate Closed Loop Circularity.

Circular Process for Laptop

Example of Circular Process for Laptop (Click to Enlarge)

Circular Process for Servers

Example of Circular Process for Servers (Click to Enlarge)

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