Advanced tools to make ITAD easy, automatic and transparent.

Control, systemize and improve the entire ITAD process with Apto’s industry-leading ITAD Management and Valuation Tools.


When it comes to ITAD, process is paramount. Apto’s advanced technology tools give you real-time visibility and systemized control that improves the overall ITAD process and results.

  • Organized, efficient communication with fewer errors
  • Zero chain-of-custody gaps
  • Smart, systemized decision-making
  • Easy access to the right evidence to ensure services are complete and compliant
  • Easy access to proper reporting for green and sustainability metrics
  • A higher level of confidence in data and brand protection

“Robust and detailed global asset tracking and reporting system that is easily accessible via an online portal.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013


AptoPulse Client Portal for Total Visibility of Your IT assets.

With AptoPulse, our powerful client portal platform, you get easy, real-time access and full visibility into the entire disposition process of your equipment, from receipt to final sale, destruction, redeployment, or recycling.


  • A robust dashboard that highlights all critical aspects of your ITAD efforts
  • Product specs, components, and condition of equipment
  • View your asset data at all stages of Apto's process lifecycle
  • Access logistics data for all equipment shipments
  • Data sanitization and recycling certificates by unique asset
  • Data sanitization logs
  • Video testimony of data destruction (optional)
  • Financial reporting of sales and expenses


ITAD Workflow and Asset Lifecycle Tools for a more controlled and quality ITAD process.

At Apto we help move clients from the disorganization of email communication to a dedicated, full-scale asset lifecycle client portal with systemized tasks and pre-loaded data, which makes communication more efficient, reduces errors, and results in a more controlled and quality process.

  • Pickup and Project Requests
  • Real-time shipment status and tracking
  • New deployment and redeployment requests
  • Disposal approvals
  • Integration with transportation partners
  • Integration with client software
  • Customizable to client needs


Valuation tools for informed, confident decision-making.

Apto’s easy-to-use Valuation Tool, which gives our clients a solid understanding of the fair market value of IT assets. 

  • Values based on part number and component input
  • Ideal for Trade-in partners  
  • Can be integrated through web services
  • Values updated constantly


Performance Measurements and Reporting

With each Apto client engagement or relationship, we first define common goals. What is the measure of ITAD value and success? Speed? Value? Recycling weight? We customize a performance measurement plan for each client, and provide the easy, accessible technology tools to see, measure, and report on these custom metrics.



ITAM integration for better accuracy and control

Communicating with your existing ITAM systems provides a tightly integrated process with more accurate data and better control. Want us to integrate with your favorite ITAM tool? Let us know!