Your 2023 Residual Value Guide is here! 

Is your current partner recouping the full expected value for your assets?

Get a 5-year detailed outlook on residual values to help maximize the return on your IT equipment.


Learn the value of your assets today.

Make better-informed refresh decisions with the best
estimation of residual values.

This guide is your 5-year outlook of values for Enterprise Computing and End-User Equipment to maximize the resale of your assets.

Key Benefits for Lease Pricing

Set lease pricing to ensure leases remain competitive and profitable

Key Benefits for Asset Managers

Understand how assets depreciate to

make informed refresh decisions  

Key Benefits for Value Recovery

Maximize the resale of your assets and capitalize on your greatest resource


About Apto Solutions

Apto's been at the forefront of innovation in ITAD for 22 years reaching a milestone in 2020 with the launch of Circular Transformation®

This blueprint defines circularity in the recycling process paving the way for an open or closed-loop circular system for e-waste with complete traceability and tracking. 

Sustainability pioneers. Thought leaders. Outcome-driven innovators.

  • Promoting reuse while helping recoup your technology investment
  • Certifications to defend against risks in the IT asset lifecycle
  • Transparency with End-to-End Chain of Custody reporting