A smooth and successful decom, no matter how large and complex.

Everything you need to protect your data and brand, get maximum value recovery, and rely on smooth management of the entire process.

In the next 12 months, it is likely that your organization will be involved in a data center project such as a refresh, consolidation, or a migration. Often, disposition of the decommissioned IT assets is an afterthought. What’s more, the level of ITAD resources and expertise needed are often underestimated.

A well-planned and well-executed IT asset disposition can be a key part of the success of the overall data center project:



Tightly-controlled, industry-leading processes that protect your data and brand.


A smart process for redeploy/remarket/recycle decision-making.


Optimal value recovery to help fund new technology initiatives. 


Smooth management of the disposition process which reduces delays and downtime.  


A complete, customized ITAD solution.

Expert On-site Deployment Resources

Our data center deployment team has years of experience managing the complexities and nuances of data center facilities:

  • Security clearance and access protocol.
  • Packaging equipment and movement around data center.
  • Scheduling of shipments based on dock and truck size requirements.
  • Execution of multiple shipments: lease returns, redeployments, disposition.
  • Execution of special requests, i.e. parts harvesting, parts swapping, data migrations.

Full Services Include:

Advanced Data Erasure
  • Large scale concurrent sanitization in existing machines
  • Certified to NIST and DoD Standards
  • Includes verification and reporting
  • Mobile shredding units for physical destruction


  • Experienced data center resources
  • All data center equipment types
  • Complete removal available
Onsite Services
  • Asset audit and chain-of-custody control
  • Component harvesting and reconfiguring
  • Test and repair
  • Data migration
Reverse Logistics
  • Packaging and shipping to protect resale value
  • Secure and GPS-tracked shipment options
  • Redeployments and lease returns
Value Recovery
  • FMV appraisal services available
  • Purchase, Consignment, or Hybrid Options
  • Superior returns on equipment
  • Compliant recycling for obsolete equipment


A leading online gaming company pulls in Apto to execute a complex decom, so they can focus on the all-important cloud migration itself.


The Apto Advantage

  • Rapid response and deployment of a specialized team.

  • Rapid, large-scale data sanitization—10,000 hard drives in less than 4 days.

  • Proper verification and real-time reporting for compliance.

  • Smooth execution and maximum value recovery on a complex disposition.

When internal resources are not enough.

A leading online gaming company had a problem: they were exiting a data center, migrating to a cloud service provider, and most of their resources were dedicated to this critical initiative.

Their original plan was to utilize internal resources for decommissioning, but they quickly realized their policies required services in which they had little knowledge and experience. At that point, they were referred to Apto Solutions.

Now that’s responsive.

Apto assessed and scoped out their needs and provided a SOW and quote within 2 days. A specialized data center team was deployed to their colocation facility within 5 days.

Large-scale, synchronized data sanitization—10,000 hard drives in less than 4 days.

Included in the project was on-site data wiping of 10,400 large capacity hard drives. Apto configured their Netswiper data erasure software to perform this simultaneously by utilizing a private network and existing servers. This was completed in less than 4 days.

Proper reporting and compliance. Check.

At completion, reports were generated which provided confirmation of required data wipe, satisfying the internal compliance stakeholders.

Smooth execution and maximum value recovery on a complex ITAD mix of remarketing, redeployment and recycling.

The gaming company had also negotiated a sale of a select portion of their servers to another company. The sale did not include hard drives, so it was necessary to sort the equipment and pull hard drives. The Apto team de-racked, palletized, and prepared all servers for shipment back to Apto's processing facility. At that point, the previously sold servers were sorted and prepared for shipment. A portion of the remaining servers were audited, re-configured and tested before being redeployed to another company location.

There were several thousand servers and excess hard drives remaining. After processing, Apto put these assets through their value recovery process, which generated $4.6 million dollars in funds, which were remitted back to the client.

A best-in-class recycling process was utilized for the servers and drives that were determined failed or obsolete.

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