Let us put our secondary market expertise and world-class service to work procuring the equipment you need.

Convert your idle or decommissioned IT Assets into reliable, top-quality used equipment at 50-80% savings.

Avoid the used equipment pitfalls. Capture the huge savings.

Purchasing secondary market IT equipment can be a very valuable tool in your IT asset procurement toolkit. But there are a lot of pitfalls. It’s not easy to find the right sellers, know who is reliable, what is fair market value, and what is good condition. Let Apto’s specialized skill and broad experience in the secondary markets be part of your procurement team.

Apto knows where to go
Daily experience and knowledge of reputable dealers from selling in the secondary markets, which translates directly to expertise in buying.
Apto knows who is reputable
We work with dozens of potential sellers in each IT asset category, and have firsthand knowledge of who is reputable.
Expert evaluation of equipment quality and warranty
We know how to look through reseller stock to shop for the equipment you need, and evaluate for common conditions and quality of 3rd party or manufacturer warranty.
Expert ability to evaluate fair market value and negotiate price
Apto may have the equipment you need in our own inventory

IT equipment hoarding?
Let’s put those idle, non-performing IT assets to work!

There’s no need to keep idle assets in inventory because you might need them in the future. That non-performing equipment costs money to store, and loses recovery value as it sits. Let Apto sell your idle assets and get maximum recovery value.

  • Use your recovery revenue for other equipment that you need right now
  • Keep the recovery revenue and fund another important project
  • Bank those recovery dollars as Apto dollars for future IT equipment purchases

And then, when you need more equipment in the future, put our secondary market expertise to work and let us procure it for you.


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