Regain Control of Your Mobile Device Lifecycle

Apto's secure reverse logistics process helps some of the world’s largest companies simplify and track their mobile device redeployments.

Our Process

With your employees and customers at different sites all over the world, deploying and redeploying mobile devices in a timely and organized manner can be a major pain. We can take the headache out of the process by managing all of the nitty gritty logistics for you, and collecting the information in our easy to use reporting tool, AptoPulse. Mobile devices (like all devices we process) follow our standard ISO9001 certified logistics process. We also hold ourselves to a high environmental and data protection standards by implementing e-stewards, R2, and other strict processes: Check out our certifications to learn more.

Reverse Logistics Process

1. Receiving

  • We receive products in from sources all over the world.
  • Product opened and initially inspected to verify against the advanced shipping notice and packing list.

2. Device Inspection

  • We inspect all devices for functional performance with a comprehensive test that includes testing the passively and direct coupled radio performance as well as the transmit and receive radio performance and audio loop verification.
  • We then conduct a thorough analysis of the device’s physical condition looking for signs of unusual wear, water, and shock damage. We assign each device a grading status and record all information for easy access in AptoPulse, our customer access portal.

3. Logistics

  • Reverse logistics for mobile devices follow our ISO 9001 certified logistics process.
  • We can act as your primary or supporting inventory location, performing all necessary logistics and dat capture to track and inventory units.
  • We will receive, store, track, and ship all devices and components before or after they’ve been repaired.
  • We can use your unique serialize work tracking number along side our own internal tracking numbers to track the current return/repair status down to the specific device.

4. Inventory and Distribution

  • Using AptoPulse we will track and monitor your part inventory.
  • See your current stock in real-time and ramp up or down depending on your own forecasted needs.
  • Pick and pack orders for fulfillment to whatever location you decide (yours, ours, or a 3rd party) in a way that meets the needs of your management system.
  • We can also customize packaging and shipping labels to streamline redeployment.

5. Repair

  • We track all repaired devices in our AptoPulse inventory management system.
  • We offer multiple levels of repair so that you only fix what's broken.
  • And, we'll help you decide what items are Beyond Economical Repair and what should be placed on the Do Not Repair list

6. Value Recovery

  • We help you balance value vs. velocity to recover your investment.
  • Using AptoPulse you can easily track which items have been sold and the revenue that you've gained in real time.

Support Services

  • Inventory Control
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Sale of Surplus Parts and Recycling of Scrap Material

Products and Packaging

  • Packaging
  • Freight
  • Invoicing