An advanced, proven value optimization methodology that delivers superior returns.

Let Apto give you maximum value recovery, especially for complex IT asset disposition.

IT Asset Disposition is seldom a single, one-size-fits-all transaction. Apto’s advanced value recovery helps companies move away from an auction process that leaves large amounts of revenue on the table – value recovery revenue that can go a long way toward funding new technology investments.



“Apto has good technical and remarketing expertise to process and sell complex systems, such as high-end storage systems, telecommunications equipment and servers.”

Gartner ITAD Magic Quadrant, 2014



Expertise across the spectrum of IT asset categories.

Since we began in 2001, Apto’s core business has been the liquidation of excess and decommissioned technology asset inventories. Through the years, we’ve gained expertise in all major product categories including:
Secure Data
Maximum Value
Secure Data
Maximum Value

How Apto delivers the highest possible value recovery revenue.

  • Expertise across the spectrum of IT Asset Categories
  • A proven methodology that balances value and velocity with optimal selling channels.
  • Broad understanding of the secondary markets and their value drivers
  • A strategic process that controls market information, perception and behavior.
  • Customized sales and marketing plans for each product category and portfolio.

Broad Market Understanding
  • Stocking Dealers
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Service and Maintenance Companies
  • Direct to Consumer and Commercial
  • Parts Suppliers
  • Online Channels

Strategic Remarketing Process
  • Control of quantity communication
  • Control of geography sales
  • Control of timing
  • Control of customer type
  • Control of parts vs. whole working units

Payment Options

3 payment options for your remarketed IT assets.

  • Purchase: Cash payment up front
  • Consignment: Cash payments as product is sold. 
  • Hybrid: Combination of upfront payment and upside split


Apto restructures a technology company’s in-house remarketing process and delivers an 80% increase in recovery revenue.


An “as is” process leaves big value on the table.

Prior to becoming an Apto client, a technology company had been performing their value recovery (aka remarketing) function internally, through a process of sending out lists of their decommissioned IT assets.

  • Bids were due by a deadline and awarded to the highest bidder.

  • The IT asset lists encompassed a broad range of product categories and did not generally include information such as component detail, functional grading or cosmetic grading.

  • Because the terms of sale were “as-is” for the entire lot, many of the potential bidders placed little to no value on certain categories, and took a conservative approach to the assumptions.

Limited information = Limited bids.

Apto first worked with this company by winning a bid on one of these lists. In this particular case, the list included three different brands of servers, four brands of networking equipment, as well as PDUs, storage systems, and miscellaneous peripherals. Because of the limited information provided, Apto took a conservative approach to bidding, but still had the highest offer.

Proper information, process and channels net huge gains.

Included on this list was a Dell Force 10 S60 Network Switch, which Apto priced at $60 per unit. These brands of switches require a specialized buyer, which required this equipment to be fully tested and warrantied with terms in order to transact a sale. Apto was able to sell several hundred of these switches for an average selling price of $325 – a 440% increase over the original purchase price!

The company’s in-house remarketing process was clearly leaving a lot of money on the table. Other parts in multiple categories were undervalued, too. A NetApp storage shelf bought for $1,650 was sold for $3,916 – by focusing on proper information, process, and channels.

The Apto Advantage: Company experiences 80% increase in value recovery revenue.

In time, Apto became a value recovery partner with the company, and restructured the terms of the relationship so that any net upside sales potential was remitted back to the client. As a result of this change, the company realized an 80% increase in revenue over its previous methods, net of any incremental charges.






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