Will You Make the Most of Fast Data?

It’s official: 2016 is HISTORY. Although not all bad, we’re willing to bet a lot of you reading this would agree with the statement that it was a strange year. Between an unusually volatile—and divisive—presidential election, continued tragic loss of life on account of terrorism, dividing economic unions (here’s looking at you, Brexit), and more, the topic of security nabbed the spotlight.

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Can you learn something special from an old mobile phone?

Every day people return or trade-in mobile phones across the world in an immense number of locations and for different a variety of reasons. But what stories do those old phones have to tell? What lessons can we learn? And how do these discoveries inform our future decisions?

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We're gobbling up more data than ever. Now what?

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, so we’re focusing on what we’re thankful for around Apto HQ: family, friends, food, and you. You make what we do possible, and together we’re changing the face of environmental responsibility and security.

We’re excited to gobble up our Thanksgiving dinners this week, but first let’s talk about something else that we’re consuming in massive quantities: data.

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