How to Extend your ITAM Visibility with ITAD

IT Asset Management (ITAM) was a revelation. We could finally see the full lifecycle of devices, and report on them from a single source of record. that is until IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) came along and threw a wrench in things.  For most companies, ITAD is a black hole of visibility. The ITAD process can introduce chaos into your well-oiled asset management machine and prevent you from managing the full process. Want to tame the beast? Our CEO, James Kilkelly, shows you how in his latest article for Manufacturing Business Technology.

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IT Asset Disposition Is the Future of Reverse Logistics

We have more devices today than ever before. Tomorrow we'll have even more. In fact, the amount of e-waste generated by these devices is set to triple by 2020. Our CEO, James, explains how ITAD is primed to help you keep up, and what you need to know to choose the right partner.

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ITAD at the Bleeding Edge: High Frequency Trading

Think ITAD is just for old, out-of-date hardware? Think again. The high frequency trading industry it renowned for it’s cutting edge technology improvements. They helped ditch fiber and move to microwave to increase the bandwidth and reduce latency between New York and Chicago. The speed of light1 wasn’t fast enough for them. We think that ITAD has a thing or two it could teach these bleeding-edge technophiles, but before that, let’s start with the basics.

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How to Meet Your Procurement Goals with ITAD

Procurement is a tough gig. You have pressures from all sides. From your suppliers who are trying to creep costs up over time to stake holders who demand an increasing speed of business to management who wants to cut costs as far as possible. You’re more than a buyer of things, and it’s time to prove it.

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Why Do We Need ITAD? It’s the Law.

Last time, we started at the beginning by answering the question, “What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?” Today we want to move beyond the ‘what’ and get into the ‘why’. No two companies are exactly alike, so no two companies will have the same motivations. But, most companies fall into three primary categories: Legal, Ethical, and Social.

Today we’ll cover the legal reasons for ITAD...

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Transforming ITAD with Bimodal IT

As we head into the Gartner Symposium this coming week, I wanted to take a moment to focus on a topic that will continue to be emphasized by Gartner for the remainder of the year: bimodal IT. Not just the basic plan of separating your IT development into two halves, traditional and innovative – that’s been done to death. At Apto Solutions, we specialize in the afterlife of IT, so I wanted to give you the ITAD take.

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There and Back Again: Reverse Logistics Alone Won't Work

​Since their foundation, logistics companies have delivered from manufacturers to distributors to customers. They honed the process and streamlined it into a (transportation) science. UPS, for example, became famous for their “no left turns” policy. But for a long time traditional logistics nursed a growing problem. They could deliver efficiently, but if they tried to reverse the process, everything moved like molasses – in the winter.

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