What You Need to Understand about Reverse Logistics

If you’re like most IT leaders, your life revolves around numbers: response SLAs, Uptime, Performance, Utilization. So when I ask you about reverse logistics, first let me give you an eye-popping number – $200,000,000,000 – Two Hundred Billion Dollars in returns annually. That’s the annual value of product returns as estimated by the Reverse Logistics Association. It’s also about 1.1% of the entire GDP of the USA. That’s a lot of value that you’re missing out on by ignoring reverse logistics, but just in case that wasn’t enough, here are a few more you might have considered, but not yet acted on.

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IT Asset Disposition Is the Future of Reverse Logistics

We have more devices today than ever before. Tomorrow we'll have even more. In fact, the amount of e-waste generated by these devices is set to triple by 2020. Our CEO, James, explains how ITAD is primed to help you keep up, and what you need to know to choose the right partner.

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There and Back Again: Reverse Logistics Alone Won't Work

​Since their foundation, logistics companies have delivered from manufacturers to distributors to customers. They honed the process and streamlined it into a (transportation) science. UPS, for example, became famous for their “no left turns” policy. But for a long time traditional logistics nursed a growing problem. They could deliver efficiently, but if they tried to reverse the process, everything moved like molasses – in the winter.

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