Exploring circular innovations in ITAD: Working towards a closed-loop future.  

Can you easily report on sustainability goals within your current ITAD program? Most organizations find this to be a painful experience!

Our latest webinar defines Circular Transformation® and explains how our team reimagined Apto's supply chain to uncover downstream transparency and close the reporting loop on recycled materials.

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Our host, Chris Re, SVP of Business Development, was instrumental in uncovering the client challenges we faced that lead to the development of 2020's Circularity Pilot Program.

Apto's Compliance Officer and subject matter expert, Caroline Allman, explained how we translated the raw pilot data into the results that our clients are using for their sustainability reporting.


Chris Re

SVP of Business Development




Caroline Allman

Compliance Officer



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Since 2001, we’ve been innovating the ITAD industry. Lately, we’ve been pushing the boundaries to help you achieve your enterprise sustainability goals. We call it Circular Transformation.


Recognized at The World Economic Forum in Davos for industry leadership in the circular economy



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We support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and work to reduce landfill and incineration waste. The World Economic Forum recognized Apto in Davos for our industry leadership in the circular economy.

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A data leak is a devastating blow to any organization. That’s why data security is our top priority. We use the highest level of data-sanitation security measures. We are committed to protecting your reputation.

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We understand the unique requirements intended to ensure security and accountability. That’s why we created Apto Pulse. With Apto Pulse, you can follow the asset disposition every step of the way.