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Apto's interactive, industry-best workflow management and valuation tools.
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includes OEM, Financial, Managed Services and Tech Companies throughout the world.
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The Circulars just recognized our industry leadership in the circular economy.
Gartner names Apto an ITAD Visionary.
Discover how our experience, advanced processes, and outstanding service will benefit your organization.
Don't leave your data and brand exposed.
Trust an ITAD leader with tightly controlled, best-in-class processes.
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Apto is a global ITAD Leader that gives its clients everything
they need to manage the risks and complexities of IT asset disposition
with ease, confidence and maximum value recovery.

Apto Global Locations - Tech Services

Apto specializes in the coordination of multi-country ITAD engagements

  • Secure, audited processing centers in all major regions of the USA
  • Extensive global logistics and processing partnerships
  • Partners are fully audited and managed

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Track your environmental savings through reuse, resale, and recycling.


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NSF ISO 9001      NSF ISO 14001      NSF OHSAS 18001      NAID Member      R2 - Responsible Recycling      e-Stewards Certified