Helping you move to the circular economy
We call this Circular Transformation® for IT Asset Disposition
Circular Transformation® is an innovative process that provides the necessary traceability and tracking to create a closed-loop system. 

A proper sustainability plan should include reuse as the first option of IT Asset Disposition.
Keeping products in use for longer increases the lifespan of resources. However, when products and their parts reach the end of their useful life, you need to be assured their materials are being used to manufacture new products.

Reuse Sequence




Third-party certifications are the foundation of Circular Transformation®.All of Apto's facilities are e-Stewards certified, which is the highest standard in IT Asset Disposition. This standard prevents the improper disposal of hazardous e-waste while defining a downstream material tracking system. Learn more about e-Stewards and other certifications here


How to Improve Your Sustainability Efforts with Circular Transformation® by Apto

Prior to Circular Transformation® many companies are experiencing a lack of transparency along with confusing tracking and reporting. Apto helps solve these problems:

  • No Transparency
  • Reporting Gaps
  • No Supply Chain Validation
  • No Verifiable Circular Impact
  • Confusing Mass-Balance Tracking
  • Complicated Multi-Tier Downstream

Apto's latest podcast explains how we
re-engineered our supply chain for the circular economy 

On this episode of The Rebound, CEO, Jeff Jones, discusses how Apto  is enabling the circular supply chain for customers and his suppliers. 
ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi and SCMR Editor Bob Trebilcock host. 


Improved Circularity with Circular Transformation®

Circular Transformation® provides direct data on raw materials from smelters and refiners with our improved tracking system and verified supply chain traceability. Transparency uncovered.

  • Transparency
  • Improved Data Tracking
  • Direct data on raw materials from smelters and refiners
  • Verified Supply Chain Traceability
  • Carbon Insetting + Offsetting

One-of-a-Kind Single Tier Downstream

Previous Tier 4 companies are now at Tier 1. We simplified the process by eliminating downstream companies
that were not needed, providing access to better data and tracking.
With a direct link to smelters and refiners,
Apto Solutions can now provide data on raw material that customers can use for circularity applications.



How Apto addresses sustainability with circularity reporting

Dive into the process of how Apto created visibility into the recycling process with reporting on how materials are being used to create new products. Read the article by Bob in Supply Chain Management Review

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