Tracking & Tracing Circularity

Each year millions of laptops go into landfills...

Computer donation programs are a great way for corporations to extend the life of their PCs and laptops, give their computers to charities and those in need, and do something great for their communities.

But what happens when the donated item reaches end of life? Most recipients aren't going to know what to do, and we want to make sure it's properly recycled. Enter the Apto Solutions Responsible Donation Program. We work with corporations and manufacturers to not only facilitate the donation of computers but also make sure it's properly recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

Reuse Sequence


Extend the Life of Equipment and Give Back to Your Community


Apto Solutions collects equipment that you wish to donate and processes that equipment as if it were going to be resold. Instead of reselling, your equipment and devices are re-imaged and donated to a participating charity organization.

To streamline the donation process, fees for future equipment returns and recycling goes into an escrow account for when the device comes back to Apto Solutions. We use the funds from this account to pay all shipping and recycling fees. Apto then takes care of all logistics involved with returning equipment and the donation process so you and your team can get back to what you do best.

How does it work?


The Responsible Donation Program process includes a full assessment of equipment to prepare it for its next life as a donated item.

After Apto receives computers and performs functionality testing, data sanitization, and provides certification statements, the team re-images all devices. Designated charities will receive each donated item with certification paperwork, end-of-life recycling instructions, along with a sticker attached stating where it came from and how to properly recycle the device at the end of its use.

The circle is closed with a certification of destruction message provided to the donating party that details how many additional years of good use was added to each product.

Apto's Donation Efforts to Combat Global E-Waste

Reneal International Education Outreach
Tanzania, May 2022

In the last year, over 500 computers donated by Apto Solutions have been installed to create new computer labs in 22 schools and to expand 5 existing computer labs! Read the full story

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Reneal International Education Outreach
Tanzania, March 2021

Partnering with Reneal's global team, Apto provided support for
students, teachers, and school administrators to enhance educational opportunities for Secondary Schools in Tanzania. Read the full story

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St. Michael's Donation Program
Uganda, June 2019

Rather than contribute to the growing e-waste epidemic in Africa,
Apto took a stand donating much-needed IT Equipment to an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. Watch the Video

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