Moving to the Cloud? Don't let disposal be an afterthought.

Ready to move away from the traditional, costly lifecycle of on-premises hardware, software, and services?
Apto’s project management team will ensure your legacy equipment is properly sanitized, tracked, and disposed.

Cloud migration services assist in moving your data, applications, and other sensitive digital documents from your
on-site servers to a cloud computing environment. This allows your organization to cut costs, free up server space,
and reduce hardware maintenance. 


What about your existing hardware?

Apto professionals will evaluate your assets and provide you with a detailed valuation and project plan.

After successful data migration of your cloud service, Apto will deploy their seasoned team of technicians to your data center site(s) for the following:

  • Data Destruction
  • Asset Inventory
  • Removal
  • Logistics to one of our certified facilities
Once complete,  your assets will be ready for sale or properly recycled in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

Client Site Data Destruction

When critical data cannot leave your building, utilize our secure onsite erasure services.

  • Loose Drives, Servers, Storage Systems, Networking, Mobile Devices, PC's
  • Erase provides better chain of custody and resale is better for CSR initiatives than physical destruction
  • Includes full serialization and reporting transparency through Apto Pulse Client Portal

If your drives have reached the end-of-life, utilize our onsite drive shredding services.

  • NAID AAA, NIST, and HIPAA Compliant
  • Includes full serialization and reporting transparency through Apto Pulse Client Portal
  • Video testimony is available
  • Shredded material is recycled through our Circular Transformation™ partners

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