Our Accountability Advantage

We are committed to ethical business practices and compliance with the industry’s most stringent, reputable security standards.  All of our facilities are e-Stewards certified, recognized as the highest standard for IT Asset Disposition.



since 2015

e-Stewards is the highest e-waste recycling certification in the world. Less than 6% of ITAD companies receive this certification. All three of our Apto facilities are e-Stewards certified.


Only 5.7% of ITAD companies are e-Stewards certified.

Benefits of e-Stewards certification:

  • The only recycling standard with endorsements from Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, and the Natural Resource Defense Council
  • Most rigorous requirements for data destruction and chain of custody
  • Legal compliance with all laws, including the Basel Convention
  • No sweatshop, child, and prison labor allowed in the supply chain
  • Full visibility of hazardous waste through the downstream supply chain
  • Incorporates multiple global standards like NAID AAA
  • Major corporations and cities such as LG, Samsung, Alcoa, Bank of America, San Francisco, and Seattle, as well as environmental groups endorse only e-Stewards certification
  • Takes into consideration the impacts of the entire life cycle of products and wastes on the environment, human health, social and other aspects, including for example climate impacted, legacy toxics, impacts on consumers, and end of life residual impacts.



eWaste Recycling Certification

The R2 certificate distinguishes Apto Solutions as a worthy and reliable ITAD partner. We maintain dual certifications with R2 and e-Stewards to allow for maximum flexibility with contractual requirements. R2 guarantees that Apto Solutions:

  • Follows safe, sustainable and responsible recycling practices
  • Meets the highest possible standards in data sanitization and facilities security

Not sure what the difference is between e-Stewards and R2? Learn the differences here:




The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) first formed as a non-profit in 1994. Aiming to promote the information destruction industry and the safe and secure destruction of information, NAID established a strong code of ethics that requires all member companies to deal fairly and honestly with their customers. 

  • The highest data destruction standard for ITAD companies
  • Provides full verification to all data protection law and regulations
  • Surprise audits by accredited security professionals help keep us accountable
  • NAID AAA requires full background checks and screening for all team members


ISO 9001
since 2011

The ISO 9001 is the backbone of our certifications – a quality management system that ensures customer expectations are met.

Four principles and benefits:

  1. Strong Customer Focus
  2. Management Involvement
  3. Process Driven
  4. Continual Improvement


ISO 14001
since 2011

ISO 14001 is a management system that provides a systematic approach for measuring and improving our environmental impact. The ISO 14001 standard certifies that Apto Solutions implements a process of continual improvement, which includes policy, planning, implementation, operation, regular checkups and reviews by management, thus protecting people, partners, customers, and our planet.

Four principals and benefits:

  1. Environmental impact is measured and improved
  2. Auto’s clients image and credibility are protected
  3. Ensures that legal requirements are met
  4. Enables quicker improvement of processes


ISO 45001
(previously OHSAS 18001)

ISO 45001 is a management system ensuring employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions.

Four principals and benefits:

  1. Improves morale, safety and performance
  2. Builds trust with community and partners
  3. Creates consistency and efficiency
  4. Preventative risk and hazard assessment