Upgrading your data center or workplace hardware? 

A successful hardware refresh or migration can require considerable internal resources.



It all starts with proper valuation

Know what you have and what it's worth so you can make informed decisions.

If you’re an equipment reseller, you can even give trade-in quotes to customers.


Decom Services

Reduce the resource burden on your organization and be confident your assets are properly tracked and disposed.

  • Our project management team will ensure you stay on time and on budget
  • We have a range of technical, logistics, and labor specialists to augment your team
  • Apto's experience coordinating complex moves to multiple locations will help ease your mind
  • Our onsite inventory audit services provide a seamless chain-of-custody

Evidence of Data Erasure through Apto Pulse

Apto’s workflow automation software streamlines the entire process, improving communication and making sure all of the important stuff is taken care of all while generating the proper evidence that you’ve covered your concerns. Apto will help develop a plan to make sure you get the most from your assets which means greater financial rewards.

Every service agreement includes all Apto Pulse features:

  •    Full visibility into asset details
  •    Real-time access
  •    Data erasure logs and certificates
  •    Data destruction certificates
  •    Recycling certificates
  •    Processing status by job
  •    Business Review Data and Dashboards

Client Site Data Destruction

When critical data cannot leave your building, utilize our secure onsite erasure services.

  • Loose Drives, Servers, Storage Systems, Networking, Mobile Devices, PC's
  • Erasure provides better chain of custody and resale is better for CSR initiatives than physical destruction
  • Includes full serialization and reporting transparency through Apto Pulse Client Portal

If your drives have reached the end-of-life, utilize our onsite drive shredding services.

  • NAID AAA, NIST, and HIPAA Compliant
  • Includes full serialization and reporting transparency through Apto Pulse Client Portal
  • Video testimony is available
  • Shredded material is recycled through our Circular Transformation® partners

Apto's Box Return Program - Easy as 1-2-3

Hardware refreshes and employee termination solutions must be updated and implemented to meet the
changing demand of a more remote workforce. Our partnership with UPS makes this as easy as 1-2-3.



Read the Case Study

Learn how a Fortune 500 company adapted a new strategy to support its growing remote work force with Apto's Mail-in Box Program. 

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