Real-time reporting and project visibility at your fingertips. 

In a continuing effort to foster innovation in the ITAD industry, we've implemented a new
Environmental Impact Reporting Tool that provides real-time data designed to support ESG reporting. 


Timely reporting when you need it.
Apto Pulse provides quick and easy access in real-time. 

Reduce time and headaches with our robust reporting, accountability tools, data sanitization logs and recycling certificates.

Customized reporting, accountability
tools, data sanitization logs, and recycling certificates.


Full visibility into asset details
and job processing status with
user-friendly dashboards.

About the Environmental Impact Reporting Tool

Powered by the e-Stewards Global Impact Calculator, Apto Pulse now provides a detailed breakdown (by weight) of each material type recovered as well as toxic materials diverted from landfill. 

Powerful enough to provide date specific data and flexible enough to meet your team’s various reporting needs. 

Track the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions saved from reuse and recycling activities

Apto's Client Portal provides the data needed for annual corporate ESG reporting. We've strengthened reporting capabilities to meet the industry's evolving needs and took our existing reporting to the next level.

Sustain all time
Sustain units recycled

Watch a quick walk-through video of the platform's new features. 

Advantages of using Apto Pulse



View Current Inventory

Real-time visibility into assets with current counts and estimated fair market values by category and processing status. Complete visibility from initial intake through the entire destruction, redeployment, sale, or recycling process.

View Jobs in Progress

Easily measure the progress of each job and view current and sold asset counts in different stages of inventory.job-status-full-size



Access Sales History

This is your view into asset value recovery that includes rankings by category, average unit selling prices, and monthly trends.

Apto Pulse Certificates


Gather Certificates

Instantly download certificates of data destruction and certificates of recycling by the job, date range, or individual asset.

"An often overlooked but important part of service delivery, the customer portal and asset tracking system — is one of Apto's strengths."

Gartner Market Guide for IT Asset Disposition   July 2018 & November 2020
Apto Pulse Recycling Details


See Recycling Information

Here is your insight into recycled assets.
See rankings by category, the weight of recycled assets, and monthly trends. 

Apto Pulse Report Builder


Build Custom Reports 

Not finding what you need in standard dashboards?
This powerful report builder allows you to create custom filters and reports. 

SLA Graph


SLA Tracking
Measure the days it takes to process your assets - from input to final sale. This feature also includes inventory aging by category.

Apto Solutions Launches Real-Time Environmental Impact Reporting Tool

June 1, 2022 - Business Wire
ITAD innovator adds new live data offering to their proprietary Pulse platform, providing crucial emissions info for ESG reporting.

PR Environmental Tool Blog 6-1

Peace of mind with real-time transparency into your
IT assets and the entire ITAD process.

We know that data security and environmental are important to you. It is time to see full visibility into your asset details.