Consumer Recycling Locator

First, thank you for making the right choice and looking for a place to safely and properly recycle your electronics!  You’d probably be surprised to know that only 20% of all eWaste is properly recycled. 

Apto Solutions focuses on assisting businesses with their eWaste and does not accept drop-offs from the public, but here are some resources to help you find the best solution in your area:

Certified Locations:

The following sites list companies in the USA with industry verified certifications:

e-Stewards Certified Companies [Be sure to select the Service “Consumer drop off”]

R2 Certified Companies [Be sure to select that ‘Drop-off’ is “Yes”]

Still no luck?  

Check here: to see if the manufacturer of the item(s) offers assistance for recycling.

Or here:


Some big box stores offer recycling of items, depending on the state you live in.  This is not an all-inclusive list

Best Buy

Goodwill works with Dell Technologies to provide for electronic waste collection in most areas

Batteries Plus

Or do you want to collect items at your home and ship them in?

For batteries and small items – Big Green Box

For smoke alarms  or other radioactive items – Curie Services

For other hard to recycle items – WM LampTracker

Thanks again for going the extra mile for mother earth!  She appreciates it.