Asset Liquidation For Distressed Companies

Apto Solutions has been providing asset liquidation services for over 20 years. Founded in the aftermath of the bursting dot-com bubble, we first identified the market need for competent Information Technology (IT) asset recovery and re-marketing services. As true now as it was then, IT assets require deep-rooted expertise to maximize value and minimize the risks that come with data and environmental security.

Learn how Apto Solutions can help you. Read our extensive list of distressed asset companies we’ve worked with since 2001.

Asset Liquidation For Distressed Companies
Examples of our engagement types

Examples of our engagement types:

  • Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies
  • Lender and leasing company creditor services
  • Company downsize
  • Wind downs
  • Turnaround management
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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Asset Liquidation Services

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Apto Closed Loop IT Asset Disposition Services

Disposition Services

  • Data Erasure
  • Audit
  • Testing
  • Repair
  • Refurbish
  • Resale
  • Recycle
  • Reporting

Asset Management

  • Physical Audit
  • Asset Tracking
  • Valuations
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Secure Storage
  • Redeployment

Project Management

  • On-Site Services
  • Data Protection
  • De-Installation
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Redeployment
  • Data Migration