ESG Stewardship

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) measures provide investors, stakeholders, and consumers with valuable information about a company's sustainability, ethical standards, and long term viability.

At Apto, we take ESG seriously.  While the Environmental pillar is our core business as stewards of electronic waste, Social and Governance goals have been part of our DNA since before ESG was top of mind for most large companies. Rather than publish a static report, Apto believes that a dynamic view of our ESG activities should be in real time and updated regularly.   As such, below is a live window into ESG at Apto.


Environmental: 2023 by the Numbers

Advancing sustainability through the responsible reuse and recycling of IT hardware assets.

Reused IT Asset Units
Recycled Electronic Waste (lbs.)
Reduced GHG (lbs.)

A Commitment to the Circular Economy



In 2021, we published the first circularity report in the industry.  Through detailed tracking of our downstream materials, our team was able to demonstrate tangible material circularity applications along with emission reductions stemming from the proper reuse and recycling of our customers' retired IT Assets.  

This circularity data is available in real-time on our Apto Pulse Client Portal.

EI Calc

Environmental Impact Calculator

This tool measures real-time data specifically designed to aid in ESG reporting.  The tool allows Clients to see the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved from reuse and recycling activities with Apto, savings that can be easily factored into a company’s broader ESG efforts.  Includes reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, toxic materials diverted from landfills, and total metals recovered. 

The Environmental Impact Calculator is available in real time on our Apto Pulse Client Portal. 

Social: 2023 By the Numbers

Donating computers to provide a positive impact on education, digital inclusion, employment, and community development.

Computers Donated in last 5 years
People impacted by donations
Schools Reached

Our Social Initatives

Reneal Lab

Partnering with Reneal to change lives in Tanzania, Africa through the power of technology.

The paradox in many developing countries is that education is the path to improve lives, but schools are underfunded and many young people can’t afford to attend. The specific purpose of Reneal International Education Outreach (Reneal IEO) is to provide support for students, their parents, teachers, and school administrators to enhance education opportunities in schools in developing countries. Recognizing the power of technology in particular to change lives, the primary focus of this organization is to provide Information Technology expertise and assets (computer hardware, computer software, and learning resources) to these schools.

Apto has been supplying Reneal with computers and periphrials since 2021 and is proud to continue this mission. 


Partnering with St. Vincent de Paul to create a path to self sufficiency for Georgians.

With a mission to provide help and hope to neighbors in need, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia (SVdP Georgia) has been serving individuals, families, and communities across the state since
1903, stabilizing those in crisis and creating paths to self-sufficiency through a focus on Hunger, Housing and Health. Serving over 150,000 neighbors in need each year, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia is one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted state-wide social services safety net organizations in Georgia.

Apto is donating computers for our neighbors in need to utilize when moving into stable housing, securing new jobs and/or going off to college or continuing education, such as the The Motel to Home financial literacy sessions.  

Diversity & Inclusion: 2023 By the Numbers

Cultivating Inclusion by fostering workplace diversity and creating opportunities for the people in our community.

Minorities as % of Team Members
Females as % of Team Members
% of leadership positions with minority or female.

Governance - Upholding Integrity and Inclusivity

At Apto Solutions, our governance practices are rooted in integrity, transparency, and accountability. We believe diversity and inclusion are not just moral imperatives but critical to our success and innovation. By actively cultivating a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive environment, we aim to reflect the communities we serve and enhance our decision-making processes.

This commitment extends beyond our walls to how we select partners and engage with our community, ensuring our business not only thrives but does so responsibly and ethically. Our governance model embraces diversity and inclusion as essential to driving positive change and achieving excellence in ITAD.


Preparing young adults with disabilities for the workplace

As part of a program for our 18-22 year old students, Marietta City Schools is proud to partner with Apto Solutions to provide students the opportunity to develop the technical ability to disassemble computers for recycling. We are calling this program Mpower, which stands for “Marietta Promoting Opportunities for Work in the Real World.”

Student interns are developing “hard skills” by learning to work with new tools; learning how to follow a step-by-step process; learning how to sort materials in order to prepare them to be recycled; learning how to follow safety rules; and have learned a whole new vocabulary. Students who demonstrate an aptitude and interest in these tasks have the opportunity to pursue employment in this industry and further the development of these technical skills.

This program prepares students with disabilities for the workplace, helping them sharpen their soft skills is essential to their success. While hard skills are related to training for a specific job, soft skills are those interpersonal skills that all of us need to be successful on the job. Some of these soft skills include communication, taking initiative, teamwork, networking, problem solving, time management, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills.