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Apto Solutions’ 2020 Circularity Report Earns Verification from Greeneye Partners, Addressing New US ESG Reporting Needs
October 14, 2021

An independent audit certifies that Apto’s new circularity findings meet rigorous accuracy standards, offering ESG-compliant emissions offsetting data and validating its innovative recycling supply chain. 
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Greeneye Certification Blog

Apto Expands - ITAD firm opens new West Coast facility
E-Scrap News, May 20, 2021

Nationwide processor Apto Solutions has replaced its California site with a new plant in the region, a move the company says will boost efficiency and provide a central location within Silicon Valley. Atlanta-headquartered Apto in April started up the new facility, which is located in San Leandro, Calif. The space totals 20,000 square feet and is smaller than Apto’s former plant in Milpitas. Read the Full Article

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In My Opinion: Why laptops present unique challenges
E-Scrap News, July 22, 2021 - Caroline Allman, Compliance Officer

If you’ve been to a cafe in any major city pre-pandemic, with tables occupied by a sea of laptops, then you know that these devices were already essential. Now imagine laptop usage has only increased since 2020, with the pandemic-induced work-from-home lifestyle sending buyers into overdrive, creating laptop shortages that some claim will last into 2022. Read the Featured Article

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The Data and Environmental Challenges of Remote Working and E-Waste
Waste360, July 16, 2021 - Jeff Jones, Chief Executive Officer

By now, if you’re working from home, you’ve probably become very dependent on (and thankful for) your electronic devices - phones, tablets, laptops that made it possible for us to stay connected to the world this past year. Before the pandemic, these tools were already well integrated into our lives. Now, they’ve become seemingly essential, with demand for new electronic supplies and screen time soaring. Justifiably, many are focusing on the host of productivity and mental health effects as the boundaries between work and personal life become hopelessly blurred. Read the Featured Article

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If we're to keep using plastics, we need new rules!
Greenbiz, May 20, 2021 - Caroline Allman, Compliance Officer

At this point, you probably don’t need me to tell you that we have a plastics problem. In the last five years, we’ve sounded the alarm about single-use plastics and the burden their use has placed on the planet. You’ve likely seen pictures of beaches riddled with plastics and waste from the U.S. and other countries or of the Plastic Island in the Pacific Ocean. I think most point to WW2 as the turning point with plastics — when they became part of everyone’s everyday life — but now the issue is bigger than just packaging and toys. Our cars have more plastic than ever. Our drinks, our bread, even our hand sanitizer — all packaged in or contain plastic. Read the Featured Article

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Efforts to Combat Global E-Waste

Reneal International Education Outreach
Phase 1 - Tanzania, March 2021

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Partnering with Reneal's global team, Apto provided support for students, teachers, and school administrators to enhance educational opportunities for Secondary Schools in Tanzania. 

St. Michael's Donation Program
Uganda, June 2019

Rather than contribute to the growing e-waste epidemic in Africa,
Apto took a stand donating much-needed IT Equipment to an orphanage
in Kampala, Uganda. 

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