Careful protection of your data and brand – between your site and ours, across the globe, and all the way downstream.

Apto's tightly-controlled logistics and chain-of-custody processes deliver a complete, secure ITAD solution with zero gaps, from IT Asset pick-up through final disposition.

  • Expertise in the coordination of multi-country ITAD engagements, with extensive global logistics and processing partnerships.
  • A range of transport options and security protocols to meet any level of data risk.
  • Secure, audited processing centers in all major regions of the U.S.
  • Strict ISO 9001 controls with periodic internal and third party audits. 
  • A combination of company fleet and fully vetted and audited logistics partners.
  • Apto White Glove Services available - to preserve equipment value and make ITAD easy

Apto follows a strict ISO 9001-controlled process to ensure quality and chain-of-custody of client assets.

ISO 9001 chain-of-custody
  1. Assets scanned at client site location (Optional)
  2. Assets securely shipped to processing facilities
  3. Receipt report created - compared to client-site scanned list or client provided list
  4. Any discrepancies are investigated and reported immediately
  5. Assets individually bar coded with details: Man, P/N, S/N, Condition, Components, etc
  1. As assets are processed and move throughout facility, locations and status changes in inventory system
  2. Redeployed assets are invoiced and tracked back to client
  3. Sold assets are invoiced and tracked to resale customer
  4. Recycled assets are invoiced and material tracked to downstream partners

Apto helps you assess risk and customize a process flow to meet any level of data sensitivity or client preference.

Not all IT assets require the same level of security in the chain-of-custody process flow. Where should data sanitization of IT assets occur? What is the right level of security in transport? Apto helps you assess the data risks, and delivers a secure, customized, cost-effective chain of custody process flow.

  • Low Risk Assets
  • e.g. Phone Handsets
  • Inventory Audit at Apto Facilities
  • Data Sanitization at Apto Facilities
  • Audited, Preferred Logistics Partner or Apto Fleet. 
  • Full Truck or Less-than-truckload (LTL)
  • Moderate Risk Assets
  • e.g. Networking
  • Inventory Audit at Apto Facilities
  • Data Sanitization at Apto Facilities
  • Audited, Preferred Logistics Partner or Apto Fleet. 
  • GPS-monitored shipments, Sealed Trailers, or Non-stop shipments using team drivers
  • High Risk Assets
  • e.g. Servers
  • Client-Site Audit and Data Sanitization
  • Certified Technicians Deployed to Site
  • Audited, Preferred Logistics Partner or Apto Fleet.
  • Full Truck or Less-than-truckload (LTL)

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