A best-in-class environmental recycling solution that gives you everything needed to protect your brand and improve your sustainability progress.

The processes and certifications that guarantee responsible recycling, a higher level of reporting, and full visibility to final disposition.

Electronic waste has received much publicity as a rapidly expanding problem around the world. Improper disposal of hazardous materials can result in bodily harm, environmental damage, negative publicity, government fines, and expensive cleanup costs. Apto is an ITAD leader with a fully audited, zero-landfill recycling program to address the disposal of all types of electronic and non-electronic equipment, complete with audited downstream reporting and certificates of destruction.


Apto Responsible Recycling


Apto is R2, eStewards and ISO-Certified. What does this mean for you?

  • No child labor.
  • No incineration.
  • Zero electronic waste in landfills.
  • Your equipment will be used to make new products — conserving natural resources.
  • We onboard and audit all processing partners to the highest R2 and eSteward standards.
  • We break down all equipment into material categories and send it to these specialized processing partners.

Apto Process Report


NSF Certifications

A strict, detailed focus material plan that keeps you secure and responsible.

Each Apto Downstream Material Vendor is rigorously vetted and on-boarded per the approved ISO 9001 Vendor Management Process.

  • On-site audit performed once a year
  • Asset tests load for performance evaluation
  • Site visits and verification of records and certifications
  • Quarterly sustainability reporting helps you quantify and demonstrate responsible recycling
  • Each vendor, after successfully on-boarded, must show full visibility to final disposition, shipment information including material types, weights, and destination is provided on a monthly basis

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