Repair. Reuse.

Improve your sustainability efforts by extending the life of your mobile devices.

We provide mobile device repair services for the following:


Company-Owned Mobile Devices


Consumer Trade-In Programs

For company-owned iOS and Android mobile devices that need service, or for organizations that run a trade-in
or device buyback program, our repair services provide the peace of mind you need with secure data wiping
and certificates of sanitization.

All services are certified by eStewards and R2 from device collection through completion. Finally, when your
devices reach their end of life, choose our best-in-class recycling services, which guarantees all materials are recycled properly and with complete visibility throughout the entire downstream process.

Our Mobile Device Repair Services


Repair and Diagnostics

  • Collection of devices through our Mail-in box program
  • Two levels of repair
  • Parts harvesting (if applicable)


Documented Data Wipe

  • Secure data sanitization
  • Documented chain of custody 
  • Data sanitization certificates through Apto Pulse


Highest Recycling Standards

  • Certified by eStewards and R2
  • Unique one-of-a-kind single tier downstream with our own Circular Transformation® program

Complete Repair Coverage

Level 1 Repair:

  • Factory resets for password and software issues
  • Cleaning of device exterior for clogged ports, jacks, speakers
  • Exterior parts placement

Level 2 Repair:

  • Unlocking
  • Cleaning of board corrosion
  • Replacement of internal parts: speakers, ports, jacks, vibrator, battery, screen, cameras, antennae, etc.
  • Troubleshooting of integrated circuits

Think Reuse First

The first approach we take when it comes to IT asset disposition of mobile devices is to determine what can be reused. 

Through our stringent testing process, we focus on reselling working devices whenever possible to give them a second life. When we aren't able to sell whole units, we harvest, test and sell the working parts. We also donate working devices through our partnerships with various charitable organizations as part of Apto's Responsible Donation Program. Everything else is recycled responsibly.

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What is IT Asset Disposition?

With 20+ years in the business, we’ve helped many companies securely dispose of their IT assets. Our team is happy to jump on a call to talk about your specific needs. If we can’t help you, we'll point you in the right direction.