In today’s world, organizations must be increasingly aware of the complexities associated with managing technology innovation and change.  There is an evolving and expanding set of risk factors associated with this change, which include data security, environmental, and regulatory risk. 

Apto provides complete solutions for managing technology innovation and change, while contributing value recovery and cost efficiencies to help fund these change initiatives.  Apto builds customized channel partner trade-in programs, which provides the partner an important value-added service, while accelerating and improving their sales cycle. 

The Apto service offering includes:
Disposition services 
Project management
On-site data sanitization
Fleet asset management
Secure warehousing and redeployment
Global logistics and partner management
Procurement services
Sustainability and green reporting

Types of engagments include:
Facility and data center consolidations
Cloud migrations 
Technology refresh projects
Maintenance services
Lease returns
Mergers and acquisitions


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