Sustainable Engineering is a Conversation Worth Having

Perhaps the future of sustainable business practices is not a subject that keeps you up at night. Maybe you deem the terms “eco-friendly” and “closed-loop” as only relevant to younger generations. You may even feel that “renewable energy” is a nuance that will falter in the face of the Presidency’s mantra of fossil fuel dependency.

But maybe the future of your business actually depends on your stance on these issues.

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Tweeter-in-Chief: Global Impact with the Press of a Touch Screen

The world well knows that President Trump touts an infamous social media presence, namely through his predilection for impassioned and, at times, controversial tweets. With the simple press of a touch screen, our Commander in Chief has been known to significantly affect the Stock Market, degrade foreign currencies, spark nation-wide protests, and complicate global relations. Now let’s talk security.

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